We visited the University of Antwerp!

Robert Pergl and Martin Podloucký last week visited the Department of Management Information Systems, Faculty of Applied Economics, University of Antwerp. With the department represented by prof. John Verelst we found a number of very synergistic with the CCM issues, especially enterprise engineering and software engineering based on conceptual approach.

prof. Jan Verelst

On the department are working on a big breakthrough in software engineering over the past several decades, perhaps: applying the theory of normalized Systems (NS) on the sustainable development of large information systems. Although sustainability is a traditional theme, approach, what we saw in Antwerp it is unique in that it is exact and provable. From this approach arise exact criteria to judge whether a particular software system is sustainable or not and in what order to increase the number of necessary changes in the system over time.

The theory is practically applied in a spin-off company NSX, which has developed a code generator based on ANN theory. Information systems developed using this technology are already being used successfully in large Belgian firms and government sectors.

Finally, the visit was formulated topics for cooperation between Antwerp and CCM in the field of education, science and research and cooperation on code generators. The research and application topics will be addressed in the form of student theses, doctoral and postdoctoral topics. Watch page for more details.