At the Center for Conceptual Modelling and Implementations we develop a new platform OpenPonk designed for students, researchers and experts from industry.

OpenPonk (formerly known as DynaCASE) allows easy creation of

  • new element types,
  • diagrams,
  • and grammars,
  • their displaying,
  • validation
  • and transformation.

OpenPonk screenshot

OpenPonk platform builds on the idea of OpenCASE/OpenCABE tool developed at the Department of Software Engineering by Mgr. Martin Podloucký in recent years. Compared to OpenCABE build on Eclipse OpenPonk is characterized by simple, clean, accessible based architecture, pure object technology Pharo. Knowledge of simple language Smalltalk (in the scope of BI-OOP subject) is sufficient for implementing custom models and algorithms.

You can find out more about the modelling platform OpenPonk in the article from IWST’16.

Look at the actual development of OpenPonk, participate in it and learn more at OpenPonk GitHub or watch the video: