• Business Process Model and Notation is a set of rules and principles for the representation of business processes with diagrams
  • Originally developed by BPMI, now by OMG


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  • Standard for business process modeling (ISO/IEC 19510:2013)
  • Readable for business people
  • Ability to capture technical details — 3 levels:
    • descriptive (structure of process)
    • analytical (contains details of process)
    • executable (allows process execution)
  • There are many tools for creating diagrams, validation, simulation and process orchestration
  • Notation focused only on capturing business processes (not like UML)


  • Doesn’t have states and activities such as BORM
  • Complex specification and notation (over 500 pages and over 100 graphic elements) can lead to misinterpretation and making false models
  • It is necessary to define their own methodology for model creation
  • Each analyst may create a slightly different model of the same process

More at bpmn.orgomg.org or wikipedia

Converting DEMO into BPMN

  • The camera-ready paper
  • The BPMN models.