BORM in the Nutshell


BORM stands for Business Objects Relation Modelling. It is a complex method for buildingprocess-intensive business conceptual models. It is focused on overcoming the gap between business engineering and software engineering.


  • Very simple notation that is easily understandable by non-technical users.
  • Object-oriented approach.
  • Effective concepts for business engineering — reports, concepts and diagram transformations.
  • Supports MDA
  • Strong formal background (communicating finite-state machines).


  • Does not have a standard (is not OMG standards compliant).
  • Niche method, practical use is (sadly) rather historic.


The method has been developed since 1993. It originated as a VAPPIENS project funded by the British Council. The development was supported by Deloitte consulting company since 1996, where it started to be used for big consulting projects. Today, the method is being further developed by the members of CCMi, prof. Vojtěch Merunka being one of its original authors.

Our Reference Projects

  • The method was successfully used by CCMi members in Deloitte Advisory Czech Republic in big projects for Czech Post, energetics, telecommunication companies, airlines and other clients.
  • Business processes modelling at FIT CTU.
  • Trade items data management project for major Czech supermarkets: 2 projects for GS1 Czech Republic.
  • Modelling of flood protection processes — Project NAKI “Protecting Cultural Heritage from Floods”project funded by Ministry of Culture of Czech Republic

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