ELIXIR-CZ logoELIXIR (European Life-Science Infrastructure for Biological Information) interconnects research infrastructures for the storage, processing and analysis of life sciences distributed throughout Europe. It reacts to the growing needs of the research community that generates a large and exponentially growing amount of data that needs to be stored, effectively processed and made accessible. The Czech Republic has become one of the first members of the consortium and is currently involved in a number of consortium activities.

Our role in ELIXIR

CCMi collaborates with Czech node of ELIXIR located at IOCB CAS and with the whole infrastructure on interesting and, above all, very beneficial projects affecting science in Europe. These projects can also involve students within thesis topics offer.

At present, our collaboration is focused on the creation of plans and the teaching of Data Stewardship using specialized questionnaires. Part of the project is the transformation, preservation, validation, versioning and further manipulation of the mindmap data with key questions in creating the DSP and then transferring them to the own questionnaire system.

More about our participation in ELIXIR can be found at elixir-czech.cz/platforms/interoperability.

Data Stewardship Wizard

Data Stewardship Wizard is professional open-source tool developed at FIT CTU in Prague. It is used for data management planning in various European organizations.


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