PhD study

We offer PhD study at FIT CTU focused on CCMi’s research topics. The topic may be related to any area we are dealing with. Below, you find special general topics. We also welcome your topics that you consider aligned with CCMi.

Dynamic evolvable software systems

Evolvability of large software systems within decades still represents a major challenge of current software engineering. Research can be more theoretical (methodological) or more implementation.

Generative programming

Automated generation of software code represents a very tempting alternative of software development. There are a lot of approaches and trials, however they face various limitations and they did not get into wide practical usage. Every step forward in this topic represents a significant evolution of software engineering.

Simulations for supporting software engineering

Topics focused on utilisation of various simulations and verifications for increasing the quality of software products, cost savings, etc.

Inteligent CASE tools supporting MDE

Supporting software engineering tools, CASE tools, represent a key factor of Model-Driven Engineering success. Current tools are not able to face MDE challenges in practice, mostly the need for two-way operation and a certain intelligence.

Process mining

Topics focused on knowledge mining from process data. This is the approach “from bottom up”, while most of the approaches  go “from top to bottom”. The goal of the research is to find a synergy of those two approaches.